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  • Why does Optimes offer a free service with the "Start" package?"
    We are driven by a passion to continuously optimize and together maximize customer value. This can only be achieved if both sides understand exactly what the challenges or problems are and the service that is supposed to solve them. From our point of view, "Start" is the ideal way for both sides to start small without unnecessary risk. This is how we win together.
  • What exactely is the customer value add?
    We bring the latest technologies and applications from the digital world together with the analog. In this combination, we together ensure optimized profitability with satisfied workforce and returning customers. That is the unique customer value we add.
  • Why should I trust a young company?
    Yes, as a company we haven't been in business for many years. However, complex and workforce-intense operational processes are our domain for more than 10 years. Planning, steering and optimization are our core competencies. Beyond that, our strong partners and experienced advisory board support us.
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