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Winning together! Our core competence, values and a vision that unites us.

Complex and workforce-intense operational processes are our domain. We are driven by a passion to continuously optimize and together maximize customer value, which is also reflected in our values and vision.


Retail stores where the workforce, customers and owners

unite with real joy.

Our stakeholder-oriented values

that we really live.

With Optimes, we take a holistic view by considering workforce, customers and owners at the same time and in a balanced way. This ensures a multiple and thus sustainable win situation: An optimum or what we call the balanced "blue center".







reliable and transparent

We rely on each other and communicate transparently.

caring and learning

We care about all involved and collaborate to learn.


We work with people and data to add value.

In-depth competencies -

to the point.

We bring a broad experience - in terms of expertise from previous management positions, combined with strong social and methodical competencies.


Workforce planning

Optimized shift plan for more than 750 security checkpoint workers at Zurich Airport (mid-double-digit million amount per year).

Führung und Projektmanagemen

Leadership and project management

Design, roll out and use of software for workforce planning as well as quality measurement and optimization at several airports on 5 continents.

Berichterstattung und Optimierung

Reporting and optimization

Implementation of performance reports with analysis and visualization of key figures in a dashbaord as well as recommendation of optimizations for the Kraftwerk Café & Restaurant in Zurich.

Alexandr Uzunov und Silvio Barro

Alexandr Uzunov (left) and Silvio Barro

More than 10 years in planning, steering and optimizing of complex and workforce-intense operational processes

In May 2019, Silvio Barro and Alexandr Uzunov founded Optimes GmbH. The company is part of Impact Hub Zurich and located at Hardbrücke. However, first things first. All goes back to January 2018 with a brainstorming session that resulted in 11 ideas. 4 of these were shortlisted. Finally, the topic of "use of workforce" prevailed - not quite by chance. The two founding members and managing partners bring a broad experience in this area from the airport environment. For more than 10 years, Silvio and Alexandr have been working at Zurich Airport as well as internationally at other airports on 5 continents - also in management positions. Their core competencies are planning, steering and optimizing of complex and workforce-intense operational processes.

And what attracts them to the topic of "use of workforce" at all? Reconciling the diverse needs and wishes! This is often very challenging, but not impossible, and the prerequisite for a better use of workforce. First, there are the frontline workers who are in contact with customers. Of course, the needs and wishes of the customers must also be taken into account. Finally, the store management or owners bring another perspective into the equation. Do you wonder if there will be several winners in the end? In any case this would be the best scenario.

Support growth and make even better decisions, thanks to our advisory board.

Our advisory board supports and consults us on urgent questions or future challenges. Key topics such as customer acquisition, product development, pricing or financial planning are covered professionally.

Johan Björck

Albena Björck



Johan Björck



Michael Bruderer



Manuel Renold

Data Science

Boris Paskalev



Win multiple times at once?

Let's work together for a multiple win situation. Contact us now.

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